Blood Spirit

Solomon, a physics graduate, travels out to a country manor to DJ at his friend Josh’s party. Along with Cassie and Rowena the four have arrived a day early to help set up. They shouldn’t be in the house. Josh’s Great Uncle, the owner of the manor, has recently died and left the place to Josh’s mother. Ever the opportunist, Josh had found out the house is now empty and ‘borrowed’ the key without letting his mother know. Cassie begs Solomon not to open the sealed secret door they’ve discovered but Solomon remains the ultimate sceptic and forces the door open setting the Great Aunt’s spirit free. Josh’s Great Uncle had been keeping his Great Aunt’s spirit alive over the decades by sacrificing people and now her spirit is hungry for more blood. One by one the four party planners are killed by the freed spirit. Solomon buries the Great Aunt’s body in an attempt to put her spirit to rest. He and Cassie escape the manor. As they wait for a train, Solomon finally see’s the Great Aunt’s spirit in a reflection, she advances towards him. He is both fascinated and terrified. Solomon realises before he is killed that all they’ve done is release her from the confines of the house to continue her killing spree far and wide.

Supernatural horror feature

Blood Spirit



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