The A-Z of Mrs P

THE A-Z OF MRS P follows the struggles of Phyllis Pearsall to bring the iconic A-Z London map to the masses. It’s 1930s England and the cartography establishment is not ready for her modern methods, and besides, what place has a small, wiry young woman with unkempt hair in the respectable male dominated business of retail.

With a gleam in her eye and tenacity worthy of Ernest Shackleton, Phyllis embarks on her own expedition to publish the much loved guide to one of the world’s most famous cities. Even though she wins battle after battle, one person continually obstructs, belittles, snubs, and criticises, refusing to allow Phyllis to achieve her dreams, her father. Cruel, callous, bitter and jealous, Phyllis would do better to avoid him, but more than anything else in her life she desires his love and approval.

Musical feature film

The A - Z of Mrs P



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