Girls just wanna grind

Girls Just Wanna Grind is the “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” of California skate culture. With an all-access pass into the lives of top professional female skateboarders, we watch as they seem to live any teenagers dream; warm sunny days spent lazily skating along the beach, frequenting taco stands and chilling in backyard bowls with skateboard legends like Caballero, Hosoi, Lasek, and Ngoho. But that’s where the charmed life ends.

We show you the fascinating reality for a group of SoCal teens who defy stereotypes and compete in a sport that won’t give them the respect they deserve. From abusive boyfriends to suicidal siblings, these teens face challenges far beyond the occasional concussion, gnarly bruises or “ramp tramp” taunts. Addiction, heartache, religion, homelessness, cancer and gang violence fuel the fires that drive these girls to seek inner peace shredding at their local skatepark.

Little Bryce lives in a hilltop home in upscale Encinitas. With a private backyard bowl, her pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps, fitness model/airline pilot father is serious about training her to be a competitive athlete with a strict exercise and diet regime. In sharp contrast to Bryce’s picture perfect Malibu Barbie life, hippie girl Sarah and her mum are sleeping in their car, having left her autistic brother behind with relatives so they can be allowed into women’s shelters, while desperately waiting for their social assistance to kick in.

Orange County girl Julz has come a long way from being born to a 15 year-old meth addict, but she still struggles with an abusive boyfriend and a turbulent relationship with her fundamentalist Christian father. Recently out of foster care, Julz wishes she had the close-knit support of a loving family like sweet, innocent AmeeJay whose parents moved out of Long Beach to protect her from the very real threat of gang violence, Julz keeps quiet about her own sordid past while AmeeJay struggles with her strict religious beliefs and her boyfriend’s pressures to have sex.

Julie is a nice girl who loves unicorns, her daddy and her boyfriend. She curses like a trucker and wants to get married before her fathers terminal cancer kills him. While her parents are busy dealing with her suicidal brother and chemotherapy sessions, Julie has become like a sister to fellow skater, Abby. Unlike Julie who skates for fun, Abby’s dedication the sport borders on an unhealthy obsession. Determined to be number one, Abby pushes herself daily, despite a recent broken ankle and complete ACL replacement surgery.

Each episode includes a variety of footage including: POV, interviews, action, daily life, and video diaries giving the show a modern and intimate feel. Best suited to a prime post watershed time slot due to language and adult subject matter. Diversity content includes an inspiring multi-racial female cast fighting for respect as a disadvantaged minority in an extreme sport. New media content includes: frequent blog posts from the cast with photo updates, skateboarding video tips and tricks, unaired footage and downloadable apps such as “What would Julz do?”

A mixture of drama, thrills and inspiration, Girls Just Wanna Grind chronicles the lives of an extraordinary group of teens and their families, providing a rare glimpse into a world few people know exist.

6 x 30 minute series – HD

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Girls just wanna grind


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